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Destination Addu

a landmark of culture and history of Maldives




The city of


southernmost of Maldives

The Addu City Biosphere Reserve is the Maldives’ southernmost atoll, located north of the Chagos Archipelago. The biosphere reserve is around 13000 hectares and is comprised of roughly thirty small islands. Addu City is the Maldives’ second most inhabited atoll and is classified as a city. The majority of this biosphere reserve consists of maritime habitats with a diverse spectrum of reef ecosystems. There are 30 islands in all, with 17 of them deserted. The outer reef forms the island of Addu Atoll, which is divided into four channels: Gan Kandu, Viligilikandu, Maakanda, and Kodakanda.

What’s New…

Now you can fly direct from Colombo to GAN Internatonal Airport.

Addu City

Addu City, also known as Addu or Seenu atoll, is located south of the equator as the southernmost atoll in the Maldives and is an elite retreat location. Addu Atoll is rich in history and culture, since it is home to relics of the British colonial effort, a distinct dialect, and some of the nation’s most distinguished intellectuals and merchants. 

History of Gan International Airport

In 1941, GAN island was built as a military base by the Royal Navy. In August of 1941, Royal Navy engineers began constructing airstrips on Gan island for the Fleet Air Arm. After being returned to the Maldivian government, the airfield was gradually transformed into a civil airport and is today known as Gan International Airport.


The dialect spoken is known as “Addu bas,” and it differs somewhat from the official Dhivehi language. Addu bas was once extensively spoken by the educated masses of three separate atolls in the south, who embraced it as their lingua franca. It is also regarded as the most well-known and widely spoken single dialect in the Republic of Maldives.